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This is where your fitness journey begins.
Beginner, frequent, or fitness junkie, You can workout from anywhere and there is a course here for you!
I am Jazzmon Wright, Founder of  Black Queens Fitness Club, A Club fit for a Queen  Welcome to the Fitfam!
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Jazzmon has always had a passion for health and wellness. Throughout life, her weight fluctuated like most people, but she noticed different ailments that were brought on by her weight gains. She's tried almost every diet, workout regimine and realized-its overwhelming! Tons of information, right and wrong-eat this, not that can all be very expensive and discouraging. After joining the military, she was forced to take her fitness and eating habits more serious, which in turn changed her life. The more she read, the more interested she became. She knew once she could simplify the process for herself, she could do it for others. 

Jazzmon is a mother of 2 and loves getting them to join her while working out or trying new healthy, delicious meals. She also has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management and a Master's Degree in Psychology, along with a Health Coaching and Life Coaching certification. She has a love for helping people become their best. She Jazzmon realizes health looks different for everyone, so she always tells her clients, "its not about being skinny, its about being healthy". She believes it is important to live, love and enjoy life and the only way that can be done is by taking care of self-mind, body and soul. 



Meal  AND Home Based Weight Loss Plan

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